The Covid-19 THL environment requires training, tailored towards presenting to all guests a Covid-19 proof environment. We have upgraded our faculty in the knowledge of the disease and what is required for a THL establishment staff to prevent against it. To this end, we have designed new curricula that can tutor and train staff, activating a paradigm shift that fits into the required mentality designed to always ensure that the front and backhouse of our client’s operational environment is safeguarded against this deadly disease.


Opening a hotel is a complex project, which requires skilled and experienced hotel management experts with specific knowledge in hotel openings and project management. It usually takes between three to six months to implement all planned actions before the soft opening of a hotel. The pre-opening phase includes many challenges and opportunities. During this phase, all stakeholders face many operational issues.

We are at Nexus318 have behind us hotel opening and management knowledge with experience collectively of well over 90 years. We’ve worked with several clients assisting in opening new hotels, restaurants while we function as property managers.

We are poised to work with you on your hotel project right from conceptualization to technical management stage and of course management of the facility.


Managing hospitality establishments requires high level technical competence, managerial and business skills. With the introduction of a new phase in human interaction due to the Covid-19 pandemic, managing hospitality facilities becomes much more complex than ever before. The relative comparison between operating a hospitality facility and a regimented operation like a formidable military establishment cannot be overemphasized.

With this understanding, Nexus318 is poised to deliver precise service culture, that is in line with the present requirements of presenting to the hospitality guest or customer an environment that will be virus free, with the attendant trust that comes with utmost guest satisfaction, thus ensuring constant patronage and profitability.


Pepperhouse is a restaurant that produces authentic nutritious Nigerian meals and a fusion of other African meals under high hygienic conditions, innovatively presented to the global community in a trendy, ambient setting that attracts middle to upper class customers at competitive prices.

The need for African dishes to be acceptable to a global audience cannot be over emphasized. African dishes are a combination of fiber and carbohydrate-based diets, combined with protein and antioxidants with high nutrition value. Eating African meals is eating close to Mother Nature. Pepperhouse intends to promote this concept with pepper being the core spice in the dishes.

Pepperhouse will be combining fresh farm produce with high end culinary skills to produce hygienic, delicious, contemporarily presented meals, served at the right temperature and on time, to guests and customers that range from food connoisseurs to the pepper craving clientele that abound in all races.