Nexus318 2.0

The World of Travel, Hospitality & Leisure has drastically changed. The disease-causing virus known as corona has ensured that the THL (Travel, Hospitality & Leisure) Industry will never be the same again. The THL Industry is said to be the most badly hit of all global Industries.

THL Industry is among the most affected sectors with airplanes on the ground, hotels closed, and travel restrictions put in place in virtually all countries around the World. As at the end of March 2020, the Industry incurred a loss of USD 80 billion in receipts. This loss is the result of double-digit decrease of 22% in Q1 2020 with arrivals in March down by 57% according to United Nations World Travel Organization (UNWTO).

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With this bleak reality confronting the THL Industry, it’s very clear that THL will never be the same again. With a pandemic on our hands that is directly intertwined with hygiene standards, it becomes a no-brainer to include Hygiene & Food Safety as a major driver of THL. In retrospect, we at Nexus318 conclude that the THL Industry should add to its nomenclature the letters HFS (Hygiene & Food Safety) as an emphasis for today’s primary challenge that confronts the industry.

Baring this in mind, it behooves us to say that the industry will be driven primarily by meeting up with approved global hygiene & food safety standards that protects all users of THL products against the Covid-19 pandemic. If we have to return to profitable climes on a short-term bases, we have to re-train staff, re-equip our facilities and strictly adhere to globally approved protocols that protects against this killer virus.


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We at Nexus318 have been involved both at local and international levels with the identification and development of safety protocols to safeguard all users of THL products from being infected with the Corona Virus. Our leadership have worked locally with Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) and the International Standards Organization, ISO 228, WG 15 on developing standards for the THL industry.

We have also developed templates to assist THL establishments in repositioning their businesses to meet the stringent demands of setting up a Covid-19 proof guest environment as a fresh commitment towards not only guaranteeing the well-being of their guests but also ensuring that they return to profitable ways. .